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Vancouver Guitar Repair

Meredith offers free guitar repair consultations at her East Vancouver workshop


Set Ups

All Setups include a restring, tighten and lubricate all hardware, clean and test electronics, replace battery if needed (Battery not included), adjust or rehang loose wiring, clean and condition fingerboard, fret polish to remove minor scratches, pits and corrosion, cleaning of entire guitar, adjust truss- rod to correct neck relief, adjust saddle radius to match fingerboard, adjust action at bridge, file nut slots for proper string movement, adjust intonation, adjust tremolo bridge setting to player’s preference, add/remove trem-springs as needed (parts not included), adjust pickup balance, full inspection and play test. 

Acoustic - $80

Electric - $100

Bass - $100

Mandolin - $80

Ukulele - $65



Fret leveling and refret work requires a setup; refrets include leveling of the fingerboard. All prices are for non-cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the us for an estimate.

Sharp Tang Filing - $45

Fret Level $215 (Includes setup) 

Full Refret Unbound Neck - $400 (includes setup) 

Full Refret Bound Neck - $450 (includes setup)


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Nut Replacement

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance. Prices do not include finish touch-up; Lacquered-over nuts will be replaced as carefully as possible to leave a clean result. Cosmetic- repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask us for an estimate. 

6 String Guitar - 80 + Setup

4 String Bass - 80 + Setup

12 String Guitar - 100 + Setup

Mandolin - 100 + Setup

Banjo and Ukulele - 80 + Setup

Additional String +$10